Professional Testimonials

Professionals Comments
Dr. Xianzhang Guo (郭宪章)
A former president of Lanzhou Traditional Chinese Orthopedics Hospital.
“Dr. Chan was one of my students, I have known him for more than 30 years. He has a solid theoretical background as well as rich medical experience. He has made multi, impressive and eminent contributions to Chinese Traditional Medicine. He is a promising young man in TCM orthopedics and traumatology. Besides publishing more than twenty scientific papers, he developed the “Mo Feng Xiao Zhong” plaster which has proved to be extremely effective in the treatment of injury and resulted in a Chinese national patent. He also developed the herbal “Zenggu” pill for treating Osteoporosis, which has already passed the experimental study and will have wide clinical applications. His rich experience and expertise is valuable for physicians, acupuncturists and patients.“
Heather Vandeburg L.Ac.MSOM Dipl AC NCCAOM ““Dr. Chen is a very good professor. He is a wealth of knowledge. His instructional style invites questions. He is excellent at explaining things in a way that is easily understood. His background in both eastern and western medicine, holistic, alternative medicine and pathologies such as neck pain, low back pain, herniated disk, etc. is valuable because he can explain diseases with perspective in both styles of medicine. I would definitely take more courses taught by Dr. Chen.”“
Chris Costas, M.D.,
St. Francis Hospital
Evanston, IL
He has 30 years experience as a specialist in Infectious Disease, and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Infectious Disease.
“Through contact with international scientists of many disciplines, I am aware of alternative forms of medicine as recognized by the National Institute of Health. Dr. Chen’s expertise and international recognition in Chinese Traditional Medicine with a subspecialty of bone injury is extraordinary. He has a very pleasant and dynamic personality and establishes quick rapport with his colleagues.“
Martha Howard, M.D
Director, Wellness Associates of Chicago. She is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, which she has been practicing since l982. An administrator, teacher and speaker as well as a clinician.
““Dr. Leon Chen is one of the best in the field of Chinese Medicine as it relates to the western model of holistic, alternative medicine. It is an honor to work with him. He gets amazing results with patients.” “
YiZong Wei (韦以宗), Prof.,OMD
Secretary general, World Federation of Traditional Chinese Orthopedics
“ Dr. Chen has over 20 years experience in "ZhongXiYiJieHe" (Combine Western Medication and Chinese Medication) field. His TuiNa technique is excellent and he has published 23 papers and 5 books in China. I have no doubt that he will make further great contributions to Chinese Medication field.“
Lisa Polsby, M.D. “I am a medical doctor who was well until someone in the lab upstairs flooded the office across the hall. This was Oct 2000. We asked for it to be cleaned up and for the air to be tested. The office was cleaned up in Jan 2001 and the air was tested in Feb 2001 showing no ventilation. Meanwhile I and everyone else in my section ended up with breathing issues and inhalers. I had never had asthma before and now I had it. Every winter I got bronchitis or pneumonia or both. Even in the summer I had to avoid smokers, or any air pollution. I suffered for over 8 years. I was on the highest dose of advair, singulair daily, albuterol then xopenex rescue inhalers, a home nubulizer and multiple trips to the ER before finding a good doctor who gave me oral steroids to start any time my breathing issues became serious. Antibiotics were not enough. Steroids were needed to prevent life threatening early morning coughing spells with not being able to suck air in since my lungs couldn\'t get the old air out.

I had many rounds of oral steroids but the last round was scary as I was right back where I started when I finished that round. Right back to not breathing normally. As a doctor I know the risks of chronic steroid use, osteoporosis, hump back, high diabetes risk etc. I also had side effects with the steroids of not being able to sleep much and feeling off and awful.

My mother told me to find an acupuncturist but I am very much afraid of needles so I didn\'t put much effort into looking into acupuncture. With that last round of steroids not working, I was desperate. A high school student on the bus overheard my conversation and recommended Dr Leon Chen in Lombard since her mother sees him.

I started seeing Dr Chen in Dec 2008. The acupuncture needles don\'t hurt the way injection needles hurt. I saw him every Sat for a couple of months and took the respira herb pills he gave me. Within 2 weeks, I could breath again. Within 2 months I was off all western medications. The herb pills did not give me any side effects and are much more effective than the western medications I was on. I was finally for the first time in over 8 years able to breath, really breath. I now see Dr Chen for acupuncture every 4 to 8 weeks or so for acupuncture, whatever is convenient for me. I now keep the herb pills on hand just in case someone lights up a cigarette at the train station or they are putting tar on the roof at work.

I\'m a medical doctor. I understand western medicine. I do not understand eastern medicine or how acupuncture works. I then thought that maybe it is just the respira herb pills that are so much better than western medications and maybe acupuncture just makes me feel good. Then I hurt my wrist shovelling snow in the winter. I got acupuncture from my mother\'s practitioner since I had just travelled to California. The needle in my swollen wrist hurt a lot for 45 seconds. Then it stopped hurting. None of the other acupuncture needles had ever hurt before but I was told that that was normal for this problem. 45 minutes later when the needles were removed, my swollen wrist was completely back to normal, flat, not swollen at all. If I had not seen it and felt it on my own body, I would not have believed it. Acupuncture itself, not just the herb pills actually does something for inflammation.

My sister\'s dog had terrible arthritis. She thought that she was going to have to put him down but the vet did acupuncture and he got up and started eating and drinking again presumably because the pain was so much better. It\'s difficult to see how one can have a placebo effect on a dog.

Dr Chen is an absolutely excellent practitioner. I have sent many friends and family members to him. Dr Chen knows exactly when he can help and when he needs to insist that the person go to see their western general medical practitioner.

In summation, I strongly recommend seeing Dr Chen. If you are ill, he will help. If you need to see your general medical doctor, he is great at figuring that out.