Dr. Chen, a renowned Chinese Medicine doctor, professor, and author specializing in TCM and orthopedics, is offering a unique certification training program with CEU credit for acupuncturists. This course offers the latest research and development from China and will focus on his renown acupuncture, Tui Na and herbal treatment methods and diagnostic techniques, all of which he has taught to hundreds of TCM graduates in China and physicians internationally. Now Dr. Leon Chen is ratified a Continuing Education Sponsor of Acupuncture in Illinois(sponsor # 225.000007) and PDA provider of NCCAOM(provider # 1184). He has two kinds of CEU and PDA programs: seminars and mentoring.

In seminars courses, Dr. Leon Chen will emphasize Modern Chinese Medicine for internal diseases and orthopedics’ diseases. The lecture will cover proper diagnosis and treatment using acupuncture, Tui Na and Chinese herbs. Tui Na Theory, including elucidation and comparison of TCM and Western Theory. Diagnostic techniques associated with specific body regions and their accompanying diseases. This includes “hands on” techniques, as well as an introduction to X-Ray & MRI reading relevant to practitioners of TCM. Participants should bring their patients X-Ray’s & MRI’s that they would like discuss. Common disease diagnosis and treatments methods for approximately 30 diseases of both Chinese Medicine and Western Orthopedics. Details on the correct use of Dr. Chen’s acupuncture and herbs formulas to accompany each of the diseases and pathologies discussed. According to how many courses you complete that you can receive CEU credits.

In mentoring programs, Licensed professionals are welcome to work with Dr. Chen on a one-on-one, case by case basis. You have the option to observe him working with his pre-approved patients, or to schedule your own patients to work with him for special treatment(s). In each situation, you would work side by side Dr. Chen. Also you can get corresponding CEU credits.

Another option is to study TCM related texts that Dr. Chen provides. You can then discuss these texts with Dr. Chen either by phone, e-mail, or in person. CEU credits is also available through this option.

To find out more information about these programs call or email us, Dr. Chen will give you the most current information about them.

What is East West Healing CEU Membership? East West Healing Center is a proud continuing education (CEU) sponsor for the State of Illinois and a professional development activities (PDA) provider for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) We offer over 30 hours CEUs and PDAs every two years. Seminars and programs are led by experienced and qualified speakers in field of TCM.

What are the Benefits of the Membership?

  • Zero commitment
  • No membership fee
  • Members will be given 10% discount for each seminar, for students 50% discount
  • Members can earn CEU and PDA hours through mentoring and online programs
  • Members will receive notifications for upcoming seminars through email or mail
  • No other advertising through your email or mail

How to Join East West Healing CEU Membership?

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How to Contact East West Healing Center?

Attention: Dr. Leon Chen, L.Ac Address: 2500 South Highland Ave, Suite 342, Lombard, IL 60148. Phone or Text: 630-290-8031, Fax: 630-282-7474 E-mail:

Notification of Seminars

 Seminar on 10/18/2020

A seminar will offer 8 CEUs/PDAs and A free CPR class that for renewal NCCAOM certificate only

Topic: Diagnosis and TCM Treatment for A Variety of Cardiovascular Disease

Course Objectives :

  1. Introduction to academic achievements and clinical experience of the leading physicians of modern China.
  2. Treatment for A Variety of Cardiovascular Disease by taking advantage of the leading physicians’ experience.

Program Outline: Within the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine dated back to three thousand years ago, there have been numerous well-known practitioners who became the significant figures because of their important contributions to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinical experience and the academic achievements of the leading physicians of modern China.  The focus of the lecture will be in overall discussion on academic achievements of the leading physicians of modern China in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and about how modern practitioners of TCM could take advantage of clinical experience and academic achievements from them. The emphasis of the program would be discussion on clinical techniques applied in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including recognition of condition patterns and selection of the treatment modalities. All the contents of discussion will be supplemented by cases studies and analysis which would be an explanation of the value of clinical experience of ‘the leading physicians’. Part of discussion regarding the modalities of treatment will cover commonly-used procedures such as herbal medicinal formulas, acupuncture treatment, moxa therapy, and external treatment. Majority of the emphasis in therapeutic modalities would be contributing to herbal medicinal formulas based on clinical experience of the leading physicians. By explicating the typical cases the registrations will be able to learn the practical clinical techniques such as differentiating patterns, designing therapeutic strategies, and selecting appropriate therapeutic modalities. All the above-mentioned procedures applied in TCM field need time of practice to build up, and this program is aiming at explicating an approach to establish practical techniques within short periods of time.



Dr. Gary Xie. He has been working in the TCM field for over 35 years, and he did a lot of study and TCM treatment for cardiovascular conditions. He graduates the Gansu University of TCM in China in 1983, then teaching in Gansu University of TCM, acting as the assistant professor, the lecturer, and the associate professor successively, at the same time working in acupuncture department in the hospital affiliated to the University, and also serving as the editor-in-chief of the academic journal of the University.

Now he working as faculty at the National University of Health Science in Lombard of IL, teaching the courses of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and supervising the students’ clinic the interns. And he has an office in Schaumburg Integrated Medicine, Ltd, USA, acting as the founder and practitioner.


 Fees: Register the seminar before 9/30/2020---- $100.  After 9/30/2020 ---- $110.

For East West Healing CEU members:10% off; For students: 50% off

Event Location: Double Tree Hotel. 1909 Spring Rd. Oak Brook, IL 60523

For more informations please to contact Dr. Leon Chen at 630-290-8031 and the registration form of 10/18/2020 is here click download





The 6th American TCM Congress and China-US Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum

In 2021  Chicago (pending)


Offer 16 CEUs/PDAs, 2 Ethics and 2 Safety that approve by NCCAOM

The 6th American TCM Congress and China-US Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum will be sponsored by American TCM Association (ATCMA), TCM American Alumni Association (TCMAAA) and China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM), and presented by East West Healing Center and American Alumni Association of Gansu University of TCM, Acupuncture Committee of ATCMA, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Committee of ATCMA and Medical Qigong &TaiChi Academic Committee of ATCMA.  It will be co-organized by the Illinois Society of Acupuncturists (ILSA) and Asian American Acupuncture Association (AAAA).

In this Congress, we will be inviting the professors, doctors and experts from China as well as the United States to share their experience and study of TCM. Special topics include: DunHuang medicine (敦煌医药学), Tibetan medicine (藏医药), and Prof. Zheng Kuishan’s acupuncture technique (郑魁山教授针法). These topics are unique to Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides these special topics, the 6th Congress will also discuss the following:

  1. Acupuncture techniques and clinical application
  2. TCM treatment for orthopedic disorders
  3. TCM treatment for infertility
  4. TCM Cancer treatments
  5. Clinical application of classic and modern TCM herbal formulas
  6. Clinical application of folk techniques of TCM
  7. TaiChi, Qigong practice technique and rehabilitation

Event location:
Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago.
9300 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Rosemont, IL 60018


On Saturday, there will be morning and afternoon presentations, a group photo, free luncheon, and attendees will go to dinner on their own.  There will be an after-dinner evening party with free dessert.

On Sunday, there will be morning and afternoon presentations.  Attendees will go to lunch on their own.

The Congress ends in the early evening on Sunday.

More detail about the program will be released in August 2020. 

Fees: (pending)

Early bird two days pass,   ---$300

Early bird single day pass,  ---$180

Two days pass, after  ---$350

Single day pass, after  ---$200

Two days pass, after  ---$400

Single day pass, after ---$230

Discounts: Asian American Acupuncture Association (AAAA) members or East West Healing Center CEU members 10% off

Discounts: Student 50% off

Here is the website link for attendees to reserve their guestrooms or parking for your September 2020 program (pending)



Presented by: East West Healing Center
A Continuing Education Sponsor of Acupuncture in Illinois and NCCAOM

Contact us for questions: Dr. Leon Chen, OMD, LAc
2500 South Highland Ave, Suite 342.
Lombard, IL 60148.
Call or text: 630.290.8031

Please download seminars on 10/18/2020 registration form

Please download the conference (pending)

In Case Study, we’d like to help people understand some diseases that we will analyze and discuss them on Pathogenesis, Differential diagnosis and Treatment of Chinese medicine as acupuncture, Tuina and herbs.

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