The Lanzhou Daily

February 18, 2003

“Rich Fruits from Hard Work”

Chen Lie, A Well-Known Bone Wound Expert in Chinese Medicine

In September, 1980, Chen Lie, at the age of 19, was admitted to Gansu Chinese Medicine Institute and became a student of Guo Xianshang and Song Guijie. The former is quite a well known doctor in charge and the latter is a noted expert and professor. Under their influence, just like a spring breeze, in 1985, Chen Lie obtained a bachelor’s degree and was allocated to work in the Lanzhou Bone Wound Hospital where he worked for 10 years. In 10 years he derived rich clinical experience in large quantity and did massive spade work for his subsequent teaching and research. From a common doctor to a director of the out-patient department, because of his scholastic achievements on diseases of the neck, aching hips and legs, arthritis, bone fractures and bone dislocations, many patients, far and wide, admired him.

In October, 1996, 10 years after his graduation, Chen Lie went back to Gansu Chinese Medicine Institute and worked there, holding the post of director of the Bone Wound teaching research section. From then on, having accumulated enormous practical experience, he began to engage in teaching and research. During these years, he finished 2 science monographs and acted as editor-in-chief participated in writing, with 20 other contributors, the most authoritative work of its kind “Chinese Medicine Bone Wound Dictionary”. Of those involved in this effort, Chen Lie was the youngest and only one from northwest China. In addition, he has published 22 essays, finished 4 items of science and study, obtained one patent and was invited to lecture in Hong Kong and Malaysia. His excellent results gained admiration from his entire school. In 1999, his school broke a rule to appoint him to master tutor of Chinese Medicine for Bone Wounds. Last year, his school made another unprecedented exception to promote him to professor. Whi!
le speak
ing of his outstanding achievements in clinical, teaching and research, Chen Lie just spoke calmly to the reporter: “Diligence is the mother of good luck”.

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