The Daily Herald

August 27, 2004

Alternative Healing Procedures Gain Acceptance

Dr. Leon Chen can tell what's wrong with his clients by looking at their tongue and checking their pulse. The doctor said the tongue is a road map to the body. He can determine countless ailments through the color, size and texture of the tongue. Coupled with an analysis of the mouth, he also uses three fingers on each wrist of his patient to take the pulse to better read what's wrong. He asks his clients not to tell him what the problem is, that he will figure it out using these methods. Depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, neck pain and other ailments are common complaints.

Chen recently launched the East West Healing Center at 929 S. Main Street, Suite 103, in Lombard. He offers a blend of Eastern and Western medical practices. He uses acupuncture and herbs for the treatment of many conditions from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and gynecological ailments.

Chen, a resident of St. Charles, studied medicine and worked in Chinese hospitals until about two years ago. He was chief doctor and department head at Gansu Province Lanzhou Chinese Medicine Orthopedics and Traumatology Hospital. He is licensed to do orthopedic surgery in China. He has written textbooks and holds patents for herbal applications. Since starting his practice here, he has seen a great deal of interest in alternative medicine.

He finds that many insurance companies are even realizing the benefits. Several companies now approve acupuncture treatment. "In California and New York, this is really big. It's just starting here," he said.

Practicing with Chen is Robert Wilson, a Chicago native and also a board certified, licensed acupuncturist with a master's degree in Oriental Medicine. The men also use Tui Na manipulation. This is for treatment and injury to bone, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint dislocation, periarthritis of the shoulder and other problems.

Chen also teaches DunHuang Buddhist QI Gong, a type of breathing and meditation that promotes self-healing. "It's a cleansing process," Chen said. For more information call (630) 916-0781.

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