Treatment for Osteoporosis

55 year old female, 120 pounds, 5’7” Patient fractured distal radius (wrist) after falling on the ice in January, 2004. With herb soaks and Tui Na treatment, patient was weight bearing with full range of motion (ROM) five weeks after first visit with Dr. Chen. Patient fractured knee cap (patella) in April, 2004, resulting in surgical insertion of three pins (internal fixation) with subsequent removal of two pins. With input from physical therapists, daily yoga practice, herb soaks, acupuncture and months of rehabilitation, patient healed from surgery and has gained 95% functionality from the joint with ROM over 165 degrees, well beyond what was deemed possible. Radiology reports from both injuries indicated that they were not caused by lack of bone density, but were impact fractures. Patient had her fifth bone density scan in July, 2005 which indicated that she had osteoporosis in the lumbar spine. Beginning in July, 2004, Dr. Chen began twice weekly acupuncture and daily herb treatment to strengthen bone density. He advised patient to eat three protein-rich meals a day, take multiple vitamins including 1000 mg. calcium, exercise daily using weights, bicycle and walking to build muscle strength. The stages of treatment were as follows: July-September, Acupuncture points and herbs used to address Qi deficiency and strengthen kidney channel using Gui Pi Wan herbs September-December, strengthen spleen channel to create new energy and move blood, lymph, and other fluids to nourish organs using acupuncture and Chong Rong Bu Shen Wan herbs December-February, augment bone cells with special formula Zenggu Wan 1 for which Dr. Chen holds a patent in China. February-June, change in formula to Zenggu Wan 2 to enhance bone growth. July, 2005 patient took another bone density scan with encouraging results. SIX YEAR BONE SCAN HISTORY (most recent score listed first) Note: The World Health Organization (WH! O) deter mines Osteoporosis when a T Score is greater than 2.5. Date Body Region T Score Difference in T Score % chg in T Score 06/29/05 Lumbar Spine -3.06 .06 2% 07/02/2004 “ -3.00 .60 25% 04/19/2002 “ -2.40 .42 21.2% 02/02/2000 “ -1.98 .48 32% 02/26/1998 “ -1.50 06/29/05 Hip -2.06 .15 7.9% 07/02/04 “ -1.91 .51 36.4% 04/19/02 “ -1.40 .12 9.4% 02/02/00 “ -1.28 02/26/98 “ Not taken Based on these test scores, it is apparent that the treatment and health regimen recommended by Dr. Chen is significantly reducing the patient’s tendency to loose bone density.

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