Modern Chinese Medicine (MCM) is a holistic medical approach that integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern western medicine. In 1955, the People’s Republic of China established formal medical schools to teach three kinds of medicine: TCM (Zhong Yi), Western medicine (Xi Yi) and what we call Modern Chinese Medicine (Zhong Xi Yi Jiehe). The most highly trained and well respected doctors in China are those with MCM education and experience. Gradually China has opened its doors to the west, but only a small number of these doctors have emigrated to practice MCM outside of their homeland. Though TCM has been practiced outside of China for decades, the more evolved MCM is just now becoming visible in the western world. The MCM components of acupuncture, Tui Na, Chinese Herbs and Qi Gong are being practiced in Chicago uniquely with Dr. Leon Chen.

Dr. Chen’s Zhong Xi Yi Jiehe (MCM) background and experience uniquely position him as a thought leader in the emerging field of MCM. He feels it’s important to differentiate between TCM (read more about TCM) and MCM so that western medical science can be appropriately credited and beneficially used in creating optimal health. Dr. Chen’s vision of MCM bridges the gap between these two schools of thought and evolves both towards a quality of health care that may be considered inevitable as our nations become more interdependent. In Chicago, Dr. Chen is treating orthopedic patients with neck pain, low back pain, arthritis, herniated disk, osteoporosis, depression and many other internal illnesses.can i buy phentermine online legallyget discount propecia